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Big Drop in Air Fares to Nicaragua: About $200 from Miami to Managua!

TACA and American Airlines have dramatically cut fares to Nicaragua recently. Our eyes popped when we recently saw the latest Miami-Managua round-trip fares on Mobissimo. Fares as low as $238 appeared today.

Mobissimo is our favorite air fare search engine, btw. Unlike other more popular and heavily advertised air-fare search engines, they’re not affiliated with particular airlines or air-fare pricing systems. It’s a completely independent searchbot that searches all the search engines and airline website independently. It’s the mother searcher of all travel search-engines, and we’ve found some of our best travel fares here.

The new low fares from Taca follows a surprise offer from American Airlines recently of $199 for travel from Miami to Managua. But that offer was severely restricted in terms of available flight times, and the notice was short. Not the case with the TACA and American air fares listed above. Who knows? There could be more of this to come.

It’s a good time to visit Nicaragua. Discover Nicaragua. Discover Serenity.


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Airport meltdowns, Part II

More of the same….


KNBC: Second Computer Failure (in as many days) at LAX

"It’s third world, it’s just disgraceful," said one tourist from
Ireland, Caroline O’Rourke, as she sat crumpled on her suitcase outside
the Tom Bradley International Terminal.


We should add that one Serenity employee is headed to Eastern Europe for a wedding. He flies out of Nicaragua International on Wednesday. He’s not expecting "Third World" conditions there.

Please excuse the Schadenfruede. We can’t help ourselves.

Airport meltdowns?….not here

As anyone who’s traveled recently through Nicaragua’s main international airport will attest, it is nothing like this:

Daily Telegraph (LondoN): Airport queues longer than flights

or this:

Daily Telegraph (London): Is it worth going abroad this summer?

or this:

Washington Post: Flight delays in June among worst on record

We quote: "The analogy is the bridge in Minnesota," Abbey said. "When you don’t
deal with infrastructure, it collapses." Many major hub airports, for
example, are constrained by limited gates and runways available to
handle the growing traffic.


Nicaragua’s airport is modern, sleek, up to date, clean, well organized, uncongested and structurally simple (not a maze, like Heathrow). The walk from the check-in counter to your gate is short, direct and simple. Flights are typically on time. Get to the check-in counter a couple hours ahead of time, and you’ll likely be sitting at your gate within 40 minutes — maybe within a half-hour — with little or no grief. It’s more like a bus or train station in terms of its predictability and simplicity, and a pleasant change from what’s going on at so many "First World" airports these days.

The larger context is that while infrastructure in many "First World" countries is degrading from a high level of quality, Nicaragua’s is going in the other direction, including a current, widespread program of road improvement that is already generating serious investment gains, helping to bolster tourism and opening new beautiful venues to new development.


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