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Archive for December, 2007

Serenity available in multiple languages

Serenity can now be found in multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and, of course, English. Just visit our homepage and see the translation sidebar to the left. We welcome everyone from anywhere who seeks Serenity in Northern Nicaragua.

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Tourist Maps of Leon and Matagalpa

We've encountered many clients frustrated by the absence of good, comprehensive tourist maps of Leon and Matagalpa. So we created our own of Leon and Matagalpa (click the links). We've received so many requests for copies, we're making these images available to the public for free for a limited time.

Frequently, the only businesses that appear in widely circulated tourist maps are the ones that paid for it. Not in ours.

Our maps feature excellent tourist destinations and off-the-beaten-path attractions that, as far as we've known, have never received this kind of publicity — for free. They also include information vital for those who choose to relocate here, including the location of hospitals, clinics, grocery stores and more.

It's our small effort to encourage tourism and relocation here and to get some great destinations in Leon and Matagalpa the attention they deserve.

All tourist destinations in our map appear for free. There is only one condition:
That they provide a good tourism-related product or service that is a
good representation of what each city has to offer tourists and expats.

If you have corrections or would like to make additions, let us know. If you're
interested in obtaining a portable or wall-sized print, also please let us
know. Discover Serenity.

Thank you, Debi and Gerry

We’re flattered and deeply humbled by glowing compliments given to us by Serenity clients Debi and Gerry from the state of Arkansas, USA. We are committed as a company to doing whatever we can to help our clients find their own island of Serenity in a deeply troubled world.