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Find Serenity in The Corn Islands

You can find Serenity in the Corn Islands.

Forget Nicaraguan beachfront you might’ve heard about, such as San Juan Del Sur. It’s the Corn Islands that offer the most beautiful, the most virgin, the most tranquil beachfront in the
country and some of the most affordable real estate in the Caribbean.

They are second to none, offering Caribbean-style
white sand and clear, intensely blue and turquoise waters.

It’s another world,
more like “Ya, mon” Jamaica than Nicaragua. English is more widely spoken
than Spanish.

The real estate we represent in the area is picture
The property values are extraordinary compared to the price of
this kind of beachfront in other Caribbean islands like the Bahamas and
Jamaica. The beauty and tranquility of this area must be seen to be

The Los Angeles Times thinks so too. This is what they say of the islands: “The Corns are far off the travel grid, but the payoff is solitude,
scenery and some of the best fishing, diving and snorkeling in the
Caribbean, at bargain prices.”

But solitude doesn’t mean inaccessible. The Islands are very accessible by plane, reachable in less than two hours from Managua International Airport, which offers twice-a-day flights from two airlines daily. There are reports and rumors of plans to build a big new condo development on Big Corn, a new international airport in the nearby provincial capital of Bluefields and to retrofit the Big Corn Island airport and runway for international flights from Miami and Costa Rica. These would each be huge developments, bolstering the already excellent access and strong investment potential of the region.

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