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CNN: Nicaragua safer than U.S.

CNN reports that a global index of peace sponsored by the respected Economist Intelligence Group ranks Nicaragua safer than the U.S. On a peace scale of 1 (most peaceful) to 5 (most violent), Nicaragua is 1.92. It’s highest sub-ratings are earned for its respect of human rights, very low odds of terrorist attacks and armed conflict, as well as treatment of foreigners and property rights. It’s one thing to see numbers like that. It’s another thing to experience the reality for yourself. In Leon, for example, female university students brag about how safe they feel walking the streets alone after a late Friday or Saturday night party. There is violent crime here and elsewhere in Nicaragua, as there is everywhere on this planet, but when it happens here, it’s the talk of the neighborhood and the talk of the town, which highlights how rare it is when it happens — and how special this place is. The comparisons are even more compelling when looking at specific Nicaraguan cities such as Leon versus specific U.S. cities such as Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Discover Serenity.