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Cute (and we do mean cute) story from Corn Island

Canada’s contender for Miss Universe 2008 is giving Corn Island a higher profile. Her Miss Universe video features her on Corn Island, a place she’s fallen in love with. We believe this is just the beginning of the celebrity attention the islands will be getting over time, and (we expect) it will eventually mirror the experience of Costa Rica and Panama, especially if plans to open the islands to direct international flights come to fruition.

Miss Universe Canada in Corn Island (computer translated from Spanish)

Discover the Corn Islands…mon’.


AP: The Great Anxiety, The Great Unraveling

This Associated Press article summarizes better than anything we’ve read recently the extent of “The Great Unraveling” that appears to be taking place…

Associated Press: The Great Unraveling

He’s one chart (click to magnify) illustrating the dramatic change for the worse world events have taken over the past few years:


….and it’s not just about oil. This highlights why more Americans should consider other options they might not have considered before (see, among many other posts on this blog, such as “To Americans who want neither ‘choice’ ” and “Matagalpa birdsong”).

Source: WRTG Economics

We encourage you to read more of this blog and to visit our website.

There are other options. There is another way.
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Matagalpa bird song

This is the sort of birdsong residents wake up to in Matagalpa. If any of our dear readers is familiar with the name of this bird please let us know. Click the following link to hear beautiful birdsong:

Download birdsong-morning-matagalpa.MP3

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New Nicaraguan coastal law could be on its way

The typical real estate agency in Nicaragua is doing a disservice to its potential beachfront buyers by not informing them of uncertainties recently raised by the country’s renewed consideration of a new coastal law governing development along its oceanfront.

As you might have noticed while navigating our website and blog…we’re not the typical real estate agency.

Below are links to two articles we hope you’ll find helpful, one from the Miami Herald and a follow-up piece by NuWire:

Miami Herald: Pending legislation on coastal land

NuWire: Nicaragua’s Coastal Law

Serenity, as always, is available to consult clients on such policy issues and to refer you to top lawyers and political insiders who can provide more detail and analysis of these developments. In the immediate term, the wrangling over the potential new legislation adds uncertainty. In the long-term, it could offer much-needed clarification and settlement of property rights and terms for property development along the coast.

Any concrete developments from the government on this legislative front will be reported immediately on our website and to all of our clients considering beachfront property. Discover Serenity.

To Americans who want neither ‘choice’…

These are unnerving times for many Americans disturbed by the possibility of either a "President McCain" or a "President Obama."

Many Americans are dismayed by all options. Many have lost faith in government and in their own political parties. Many people worldwide, including Western Europeans, have lost faith in the capacity of their own governments to meet basic obligations and responsibilities, confront serious long-term financial, social, environmental and security challenges and make the responsible and difficult choices we used to expect of adults.

They've grown tired of the unending parade of self-serving opportunists — politicians and parties — who spend more time looking out for their own short-term interests than for the well-being of the general public they pledged to serve.

Our message to all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your political leanings: Don't look to someone else. Take matters into your own hands. Empower yourself. Do more to insulate your family, your life and your future retirement from the nonsense of politics and misgovernance.

Serenity has attractive options that can help you look out for yourself — no matter who gets elected — including options you might not have considered before. We can tell you about possibilities that can help you build greater security against the many big unknowns and great disasters to come.

Consider this: a second home on a Central American beach, running partially on solar and wind, can be a pretty good hedge against the future nonsense. Vote for your own Serenity in '08.