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This could be your new backyard.

To Americans who want neither ‘choice’…

These are unnerving times for many Americans disturbed by the possibility of either a "President McCain" or a "President Obama."

Many Americans are dismayed by all options. Many have lost faith in government and in their own political parties. Many people worldwide, including Western Europeans, have lost faith in the capacity of their own governments to meet basic obligations and responsibilities, confront serious long-term financial, social, environmental and security challenges and make the responsible and difficult choices we used to expect of adults.

They've grown tired of the unending parade of self-serving opportunists — politicians and parties — who spend more time looking out for their own short-term interests than for the well-being of the general public they pledged to serve.

Our message to all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your political leanings: Don't look to someone else. Take matters into your own hands. Empower yourself. Do more to insulate your family, your life and your future retirement from the nonsense of politics and misgovernance.

Serenity has attractive options that can help you look out for yourself — no matter who gets elected — including options you might not have considered before. We can tell you about possibilities that can help you build greater security against the many big unknowns and great disasters to come.

Consider this: a second home on a Central American beach, running partially on solar and wind, can be a pretty good hedge against the future nonsense. Vote for your own Serenity in '08.


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