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New Nicaraguan coastal law could be on its way

The typical real estate agency in Nicaragua is doing a disservice to its potential beachfront buyers by not informing them of uncertainties recently raised by the country’s renewed consideration of a new coastal law governing development along its oceanfront.

As you might have noticed while navigating our website and blog…we’re not the typical real estate agency.

Below are links to two articles we hope you’ll find helpful, one from the Miami Herald and a follow-up piece by NuWire:

Miami Herald: Pending legislation on coastal land

NuWire: Nicaragua’s Coastal Law

Serenity, as always, is available to consult clients on such policy issues and to refer you to top lawyers and political insiders who can provide more detail and analysis of these developments. In the immediate term, the wrangling over the potential new legislation adds uncertainty. In the long-term, it could offer much-needed clarification and settlement of property rights and terms for property development along the coast.

Any concrete developments from the government on this legislative front will be reported immediately on our website and to all of our clients considering beachfront property. Discover Serenity.



  Henry & Maurine wrote @

We thank you — no, salute you — guys for posting this. As always, we really appreciate your service and integrity and enjoy buying property through you. Keep up the excellent work. — H&M

  Ychastok Kiev wrote @

The first reference to – does not work. Nicaragua does the same steps as in the domestic law of most countries with coastal areas. Interesting as it is now getting on to the investment a year after writing this article. Nicaragua is a list of coastal countries in which crisis is not strongly influenced by whether there is a sense of investment at the moment.

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