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Archive for July, 2008

New tourist maps of Leon & Matagalpa

The 2nd edition of Serenity’s popular comprehensive tourist maps of Leon & Matagalpa are now out, including a number of new businesses and groups that have popped up in Matagalpa and Leon over the past year. You can find more details and links to the Leon map here and links to the Matagalpa map here. The high-resolution computer images are free. Enjoy!

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Coastal Law: update

We were in Managua this week talking to several top lawyers and developer marketing consultants about the coastal law under consideration in the National Assembly. Among those we had very fruitful conversations with: top consultant Raul Calvet. We were told that, contrary to news reports last month, nothing significant is likely to happen on this front until next year, at best. Americans and other foreigners from other democracies may appreciate the reason we were repeatedly given: this is an election year, where politics, posturing and jockeying for position takes precedence over substantive policymaking. We’ll continue to relay any new updates as we get them.