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Archive for July, 2009

Nicaragua makes it even easier to retire here

Nicaragua already boasts some of the best retirement and investor incentives in Central America. The global economic crisis is encouraging it to get even more generous.

The government recently passed a law making beachfront property ownership much more secure. Now comes word that Nicaragua's tourism agency has updated residency laws to make it even easier for foreigners to retire and establish residency here:

• The tax exemption will be increased to $25,000.00 for cars (from $10,000), and the
car can be changed every 4 years (instead of 5

• The tax exemption increases to $ 20,000 for household
goods (from $10,000).

• The age to apply will be 45, but if the applicant proves stable income there's no minimum.

• The law will be clear in order to accept the Naturalization
Certificate instead of the Birth Certificate, i.e.: an American citizen
who was born in Hong Kong or any other country will be able to submit
his/her Naturalization Certificate.

• There will be an exemption from sales taxes on car rentals and home construction materials up to the first $50,000.