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Unlike other agencies or developers, we won’t sugarcoat recent developments in Nicaragua — see for yourself .  Serenity will continue to market to investors, other affluent buyers, future retirees and others with a 5-year to 10-year time horizon who can tolerate the country’s currently elevated political risk and the possibility of  investment losses. It’s our hope that the situation in Nicaragua will one day improve and that the country’s potential will be realized.


Announcing Serenity Business Services

We’re proud to announce a new member of the Serenity family, Serenity Business Services: a provider of design, desktop publishing and business research, writing & editing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America.


The Serenity Group has never been about just real estate. From Day 1, it’s been about helping people get closer to finding their own definition of Serenity in a world gone mad, as you can see from our blog. Our goal is to give more people more options in finding new and fulfilling lifestyles and becoming more independent. We’re about providing “one stop” solutions to make it easier to find and settle in a new life abroad, start a new small business or both.

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