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Coastal Law: update

We were in Managua this week talking to several top lawyers and developer marketing consultants about the coastal law under consideration in the National Assembly. Among those we had very fruitful conversations with: top consultant Raul Calvet. We were told that, contrary to news reports last month, nothing significant is likely to happen on this front until next year, at best. Americans and other foreigners from other democracies may appreciate the reason we were repeatedly given: this is an election year, where politics, posturing and jockeying for position takes precedence over substantive policymaking. We’ll continue to relay any new updates as we get them.


New Nicaraguan coastal law could be on its way

The typical real estate agency in Nicaragua is doing a disservice to its potential beachfront buyers by not informing them of uncertainties recently raised by the country’s renewed consideration of a new coastal law governing development along its oceanfront.

As you might have noticed while navigating our website and blog…we’re not the typical real estate agency.

Below are links to two articles we hope you’ll find helpful, one from the Miami Herald and a follow-up piece by NuWire:

Miami Herald: Pending legislation on coastal land

NuWire: Nicaragua’s Coastal Law

Serenity, as always, is available to consult clients on such policy issues and to refer you to top lawyers and political insiders who can provide more detail and analysis of these developments. In the immediate term, the wrangling over the potential new legislation adds uncertainty. In the long-term, it could offer much-needed clarification and settlement of property rights and terms for property development along the coast.

Any concrete developments from the government on this legislative front will be reported immediately on our website and to all of our clients considering beachfront property. Discover Serenity.

Is HSBC planning to offer mortgages to foreigners??


Special thanks to Geoff Bramwell of for all this:

is becoming a hotspot for second and vacation homes — and big financial institutions may be soonb to follow. We’re getting rumors of plans by bigshots like HSBC to offer mortgages to foreigners, following years of mounting demand for such financing.

recently announced that they’re preparing to offer mortgages on second
homes and vacation homes in 35 countries by March 2008. HSBC completed
a financial merge with Banistmo Bank of Nicaragua about April 2007. The Banistmo Bank signs were lowered and HSBC signs raised. HSBC also has a presence in Panama.

The following newswire explains:

HSBC Plans New Cross-Border Mortgage Product for Early 2008

has announced plans to launch a cross-border mortgage product – a
pre-approved loan with an LTV of up to 60%, which is currently only
offered to HSBC Premier clients (who are required to keep at least
$100,000 in deposits and investments with the bank.)

new "much, more open," middle market mortgage will be offered in the
same 35 countries that HSBC’s Premier service operates, which includes
the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and the U.K.

UK-based bank hopes to take advantage of a recent trend in people
buying second and third homes abroad as investment properties or
retirement destinations.

bank spokesperson noted that " complying with all the regulations has
been difficult," and that it was too early to provide specific details
of how exactly the product would be formulated.

Source: marketwatch, September 3, 2007

Meanwhile, the Leon area of Nicaragua
has been getting good press in North America. An article that came out
on October 13 2007 in the weekend "National Post", the Canadian
national newspaper, alerted us to the growing tourism interest of Leon.
It highlights various activities in the Leon area including lagoon
swimming in a crater and volcano hiking. The
originating article was published in the Seattle Times
on August 17th. The article suggests moving beyond the normal route of
Granada/San Juan del Sur and suggests that Leon, the third tourist
area, is worth a good look.

we encourage that view — we have been living it for over two years.
Tamarindo Beach continues to be the best choice in the Leon area for
ocean front living. With a large expanse of beautiful beach and well
designed infrastructure, the future is bright.


This is very interesting news. Many thanks, Geoff.